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New Solo Cover!
Renai Circulation by Kana Hanazawa

TsunQuest (Gen 1) Summer Cover!
Go Just Go! by [email protected]

♡Delivery Schedule♡

Tuesday 4/122pm PDT【PC Play!】 BitBuddy! ♡ Short Tamagotchi Indie Game❤️YouTube
Tuesday 4/126pm PDT【🎵】Rhythm Radio! (VSRG Study!) ♡ Music, Chats, & Sweaty Gameplay💜Twitch
Wednesday 4/132pm PDT【PC Play!】Broken Reality ♡ 90's Vaporwave Internet Adventure❤️YouTube
Wednesday 4/136pm PDT【🗳】Open or Postmate's Choice!💜Twitch
Friday 4/152pm PDT【Collab】Kirby's Dream Course with Amiya❤️YouTube
Friday 4/156pm PDT【🎵】Rhythm Radio! (VSRG Study!) ♡ Music, Chats, & Sweaty Gameplay💜Twitch
Saturday 4/162pm PDT【DOS (PC) Play!】System Shock (Enhanced Edition)❤️YouTube
Saturday 4/166pm PDT【🗳】Open or Postmate's Choice!💜Twitch
Sunday 4/176pm PDT【Comfy Deep Dive】The Backrooms & Liminal Spaces❤️YouTube

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(Games & Times are subject to change bc im a dumfugg!)

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My Info
First Name: Meru
Last Name: Matsuro
Height: 148cm (4'11")


Knocku Knocku~ I'm Matsuro Meru! Death's #1 Messenger! now working double between the heavens and hell delivering that mail!
Despite my devil horns & angel wings, i'm neither!!! >:3
Next time you feel restless maybe that's just me knocking at your door...


♡ FAQ ♡

Can I clip your content?
Yes! Yes! Credit towards my channel would be appreciated too! 10Q! ^D^

Can I draw R18+ art of you?
You may >///< ~ but please keep the fanworks tagged under #ruru34 only.

Can I send you physical mail?
Yes! Please read over the guidelines for sending me and other Tsunderia talents mail-in gifts here!

How can I show my favourite mailgirl my support?
wao gee thnx! :3 Watching & enjoying my streams is %1000000 enough! ><
(clips, posting content under my hashtags, & tips are always greatly appreciated too!)